About Us

If you're looking for a friendly community that has worked hard to preserve its past, while also making great strides to become a benchmark for technology, industry and community development, then Lebanon welcomes you.  Click here to Join the Chamber!


  Scott Butler   Lebanon High School
  John Gambill        Go-Concepts Inc.
  Laura Gerald     Conger Construction Group, 1st VP
  Jess Campbell         Carroll Creek Farms   
    Mike Gliatti    Express Delivery Services, Bella Balloons, President
  Bryan Hoying         Lebanon Ford
  Marty Hubbell        

Diehl and Hubbell LLC

  Bill Kilimnik
  Golden Lamb
  Ron Lipps      Advics Manufacturing Ohio
  Mary Jo Lutmer   ECU Corporation, 2nd VP
  Jason Millard   City of Lebanon, Executive Advisor
  Ryan Ketterer        INXS
  Tyler Tepe   LCNB National Bank
  Dee Dee Verhoff        1st National Bank, Treasurer