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Self Insured Workers Compensation Plan: Teamworx

Teamworx is a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), we process payroll, taxes, workers’ comp, and unemployment, as well as providing labor advice and safety services to our clients. 

 How are companies able to save money?   By hiring Teamworx, companies are able to report payroll thru Teamworx’s Self-Insured policy, instead of going thru the State Fund. Teamworx actually can determine its’ own client’s rates, not the BWC (Bureau of Workers Comp).

 Allow Teamworx to perform a FREE REVIEW.  We can help determine the financial impact of hiring a PEO.  Just agree to a review or send back the Temporary Authorization (AC-3).

  Businesses that would benefit the most from working with Teamworx:

  • Larger State Fund Employers and growing companies
  • Employers that are already outsourcing payroll
  • Employers that have dealt with lawsuits or unemployment claims
  • Employers that have an increase in workers’ comp premiums

First Step:

Allow a FREE review (AC-3 Temporary Authorization).  Teamworx will run preliminary numbers and give the employer a good idea how much they will save annually.

Please email or contact James Baker via phone 513.315.8834 or

To view an online brochure with Hunter PEO Benefits, Click Here!

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