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Reserved Seating Boxes

Reserved Seating Box - Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the reserved boxes?

The boxes are 10ft wide by 6ft deep.

How many people can fit in a reserved box?

That depends on the makeup of your group (adults, kids,sizes, ages)/the size of your chairs/whether you will sit or stand/ect. We suggest marking off a 10ft wide by 6ft deep area and seeing what would work best for your group. **Your reserved box can not be overflowing outside of your designated area.

Will chairs be provided?

No, Chairs will not be provided. You will need to bring your own chairs. You can setup your chairs in your reserved box prior to the start of the parade. Additional details will be sent out closer to the date.

Where are the boxes located?

The reserved boxes will be in the block between Mulberry St. & Silver St. (both sides of the street).

Are the boxes on the street or sidewalk?

The boxes will be on the edge of the street in the marked parking spaces along that block (this will allow a free and clear space for seating/standing).

How will be boxes be marked off?

The boxes will be roped off with stanchions. Each box will have a reserved sign attached and the name that the box is reserved for. There will be an area of the sidewalk roped off behind the boxes to keep spectators from overflowing into your reserved box.

How are the box locations reserved?

Box location will be based off the order in which the reservations are made.

How will we know where our box is located?

You will receive an email with a map of the reserved box seats, where your box is located, and additional information for the day of the event.

Do you have to reserve a box to have "Front Row Seats" to see the parade?

NO, these reserved boxes are just in one block (from Silver St. to Mulberry St.). People are welcome to watch the parade from anywhere on the parade route. For safety reasons & per the City, people are not allowed to setup seats and block off areas on the sidewalk to save seats prior to the parade. 

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