Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon Needs Help Filling Open Needs

August 26, 2020


We are writing to ask for your help. Our mission at Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon is to bridge our community in providing basic needs, removing barriers, and creating equity for students so they can engage and learn in school. With your help we have filled 65 needs in our community, directly impacting 8,607 students and families! 

In an effort to support even more families we’re reaching out to local business owners to help us fill our current open needs. We know each business owner won’t personally be able to help us fulfill every need, but if you each picked only one need to fill we will be able to help an additional 255 students THIS WEEK! 

Below we’ve included a list of our current open needs. If you’d like to help us fill one please click on the link for donation instructions. If you can’t make a physical donation but would like to donate funds online you can do so via our secure payment portal:


Accidents Happen... Help us provide leggings for students in need!

Accidents happen... but you can help us make students in our community feel more comfortable by providing NEW or VERY GENTLY USED black, dark gray, or navy stretch leggings for students that need a quick change of clothing during the school day. 

Leggings will be stored at the nurses station at school for when students are in need of a quick change. We’re accepting donations of new and Very gently used stretch leggings in dark colors and all sizes (youth XS-adult 2XL).

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Snacks Closer...

The school nurses station is in need of easy light-weight snacks for students. Donations of individually wrapped granola bars, peanut butter crackers, power bars, snack sized bags of chips and pretzels, and fruit snacks can be dropped off to our donation centers. Click the link for instructions on how you can donate! 

Thank you! #KindnessIsCool

1 in 4 Young Women Struggle to Access Period Products

Help us supply feminine hygiene products for young women in need. Donations of new in box sanitary pads, tampons, and panty liners will be used for emergency access of feminine hygiene products for students in need. 

For health and safety reasons products must be sealed in a box to be donated. 

Thank you for your kindness! 

Trying to make a home more "classy"!

A kiddo is in need of a desk and desk lamp to help create a school setting while at home. 

Why didn't the drawer share? Because he was too shelf-ish!

A child is in need of a set of dressers for their clothing.

Make this House a Home...

Sectional couch or sofa needed. A family of three is in need of a sectional couch or sofa that can seat three.

  When Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon launched in 2020, to say we had any idea what was in store for us is an understatement. But our community rose to the unprecedented challenges of 2020 with   determination and resolve! The events of 2020 have allowed Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon to see its   priorities and focus more clearly. We rely on individual donors and community partners like yourself to help support the direct needs of our community. Please consider giving today. 

Thank you for your KINDNESS, 

The Team at Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon

Rebecca Strole, Lynn Payne, Tracy Funke