Copy Cat & Dog Care Celebrates!!!

October 30, 2012
Copy Cat & Dog Care Celebrates!!!

Congratulations Copy Cat & Dog Care!  Cindy Johnson owner is celebrating her fourth year of business this year.

Copy Cat & Dog Care provides “in-your-home pet sitting”, they go to people’s homes that prefer to keep their pets at home as opposed to a kennel or boarding.  The services are not just for vacations, they are provided anytime a client is in need of pet care.  For those who work long days, or they have to go on a day trip, or they have health problems, or are recovering from a medical condition and they can’t properly care for their pet.

Cindy recently received a scholarship to attend the Pet Sitter’s International Convention.  She attended several seminars for avian care, pet nutrition, senior dogs and how to care for them, pet loss and bereavement. 

To learn more about Copy Cat & Dog Care contact Cindy at 513-827-2712 or visit them on FACEBOOK