2020 Lebanon Annual Chamber Awards - Virtual Event Announcement

Sep 1, 2020 - Sep 24, 2021


IMPORTANT: Due to extra precautions taken by our Government, our LACAS Awards Announcements will be Virtual this year!

The Lebanon Annual Chamber Awards (LACAS) recognizes the best of the best when it comes to businesses and individuals in the Lebanon and Warren County area. They make a significant impact, drive economic growth and help make this region a better place to work, live and do business. Winners exemplify excellence through proven growth or stability, innovation, creativity, community leadership and achievements.

Although the delivery of the LACAS Event will be a little different than past years, the message is the same, extraordinary professionals deserve to be celebrated

Take a moment of your time, and nominate that business or individual that deserves to be recognized for all they do to make our community the BEST around! 

The 2020 LACAS Virtual Awards Announcements will be streamed on our Chamber Website Page & Chamber Social Media Pages beginning Monday, October 12, 2020.  


Important Dates to Remember:

·       Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – last day to submit nominations.

Award applicants are narrowed down to three finalists in each category.

·       Monday, September 21, 2020 - Voting polls will open to cast your vote on one of the finalists in each category

·       Monday, September 28, 2020 - Voting polls will CLOSE


Congratulations to Our 2019 Award Winners

Business of the Year: The Golden Lamb 

Community Service Award :  Lebanon Youth Baseball 

Industrial Business of the Year: Conger Construction

Friends of Education : Premier Health

Ambassador of the Year : Fae Ochs

Small Business Award: The Black Barn

Young Professional Award : Adam Kwiecinski

Citizen of the Year Award : Bunny Brooks

Harmon Award: Joe Wilson


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2020 Industry of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to our 2020 Industry of the Year Award Winner



Business of the Year

Congratulations to our 2020 Business of the Year Award Winner


Small Business Award

Congratulations to our 2020 Small Business Award Winner



Congratulations to our 2020  New Business of the Year Award Winner


2020 President's Award

Congratulations to our 2020 President's Award Winner


2020 Innovator of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to our

2020 Innovator of the Year Award Winner


2020 Spirit of Lebanon Award Winner

Congratulations to our 2020 Spirit of Lebanon Award Winner


Friends of Education

Congratulations to our 2020 Friends of Education Award Winner


Congratulations to our 2020 Community Service Award Winner


Congratulations to our 2020 Young Professional Award Winner


Congratulations to our 2020 Ambassador of the Year Award Winner




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2020 Lebanon Annual Chamber Award Winners

Voting will close on Monday, Sept. 28th!

Award Finalists
Award Finalists

Congratulations to our 2020 Lebanon Annual Chamber Award Finalists 


Business of the Year Award Finalist:

Hearing By Design: Hearing by Design has been in business for over 15 years. Brooke Buxton (owner) strives to offer the best hearing instruments available plus an exceptional patient experience. She know how important hearing is. She is alway here to help people, to ease frustrations and increase joy. Hearing by Design and Brooke regularly attends continuing education seminars and keeps up on the latest diagnostic techniques and technologies available in hearing aids to assist the patient. The Hearing by Design and Brooke work hand in hand with a foundation every year call Starkey Hearing Foundation. Giving back to the Foundation provides complimentary hearing care to people, empowering them to achieve their full potential. At Hearing by Design Brooke works with each individual to better understand his or her hearing difficulty. She is knowledgeable, honest and friendly. When you come into the office, she wants you to feel comfortable and know that she cares about the impact of hearing loss on you and your family. Hearing by Design and Brooke Buxton are an outstanding company and individual to work for and to be around.

Optimized Senior Living: A new, growing family owned and operated business, OSL continues to grow through challenging times providing a unique lifestyle and care opportunity for our aging population in Lebanon. They’re currently working on doubling their operations in physical foot-print, care capacity and employment providing a range of different jobs opportunities to our community. Lindsay McLaughlin, CEO, is active in the Chamber and an advocate for the community and business growth here in Lebanon.

SiteWORX Total Site Development: SiteWORX has the motto of "Purpose.Value.Integrity" all of which you can see on a daily basis through their quality, communication and customer experience. Everywhere you drive in Lebanon, you will more than likely see a "SiteWORX" sign as the construction begins on a new business or development. SiteWORX has helped lay the foundation for many successful businesses to help the economic growth in and around Lebanon. Matt also strives to make sure that his employees feel valued each and every day. One of his main goals is to help everyone feel like part of a family..a SiteWORX's family. Positive Culture is something that you will see shining brightly throughout this company. It is very important to Matt that everyone feels like they are involved and a part of this company. They strive to bring families together through a variety of community involvement activities. Even through this crazy 2020 year, Matt has continued to support many of our local events through his involvement and sponsorship. Not only has Matt Smith played a large role in driving local business and economic growth within our community through his business, but he has also played a large role in displaying best business practices and community involvement to his employees and this community. They are truly the fabric of this community.



Small Business of the Year Finalist:

Town Money Savers: Fae and Jerry of Town Money Saver have an incredible passion for helping businesses grow in Lebanon. They take the time to listen to their customers needs but furthermore they care about the overall community. They are active in the Chamber, civic organizations and you can find them
on any given day supporting one of Lebanon’s many small businesses. In the wake of COVID, they got creative and went out on interviews with our local businesses which they posted and promoted on social media so our local business community could share with the public how they are doing through this challenging time. Fae and Jerry are a gem of our community!

Mulberry St. Books: This business embodies community, innovation, and inclusion. Our town is a brighter, more welcoming place for it's presence. Angela Kovacich thinks outside of the box to reach a variety of community members. She strives to bring joy to everyone's face. Angela is always willing to help other businesses by offering her upstairs event room anytime the need may present itself. She is a true asset to our downtown business district. 

Market640: Two sisters, Kim & Shelley, owners of Market640 display a humble and generous spirit, that reflects consistently from their business model (working with 40+ small vendors to allow for win/win profitability); to the way they treat their employees; to their civic volunteering (sitting on many boards, opening their business for fundraisers, meetings, and much more). Kim and Shelly's philanthropic support is evident. They regularly donate their time, space and money to support others. In addition, their business decisions not only benefit their business, but benefit their employees as well. They are known for treating their employees like family. One thing always sticks out clearly in my mind regarding Kim and Shelly is their commitment to the betterment of everyone around them. 



New Business of the Year Finalist:

Mr. Jeff’s Musical Gizmos: Jeff has a strong passion for music and has the ability to share this passion. As a new business owner, he recognizes the positive benefit with networking with surrounding businesses. His music store will thrive in beautiful downtown Lebanon. "Mr. Jeff " has stimulated interest in music in many kids in our neighborhood by making it FUN. He has responded to our needs for instrument purchases and repairs as well. He is innovative, responsive, accomplished and will surely add to both the atmosphere and economy of the Lebanon area. Mr. Jeff's Musical Gizmos has brought a fun new business to downtown that is great for everyone. As customers our children love Mr. Jeff and the music lessons that they have started. He has the ability to play every instrument we have seen, but beyond that he has a teacher's heart and is able to adapt from child to child and bring a love of music to them as well. As downtown residents the entire area has benefited from the addition. There are now instruments along Mulberry there is music on the street. There is a community feel that everyone in Lebanon will benefit from. We look forward to Mr. Jeff being a long time part of the downtown Lebanon community. I love how Jeff has brought music to downtown. Watching Jeff and his students is such a pleasure. Jeff had brought life, creativity, and inspiration to our downtown. He has formed deep relationships with customers and business owners, as well as bringing new customers to downtown. He has collaborated with other businesses, supported them, and championed them as well.

Barkers Barbershop for Dogs: Hannah, has changed the game for dog grooming. Focusing on the overall brand experience, she has implemented new software innovations, an express transparent grooming concept, all natural products, and wellness evaluations to ensure that all customers and their dogs feel safe, welcome, and at home. She is one of only a few shops in greater Cincinnati that is AKC S.A.F.E. certified. AND she opened in downtown Lebanon during a nationwide pandemic... this displays her courage and fortitude to see her vision become a reality so that all her dogs can experience the best-of-the-best dog grooming services.

Your CBD Store: Tracy and Monty Hughes opened their doors with the hope to bring education in to the Lebanon community on alternative ways to manage pain and anxiety. They care about
their customers and are active in the chamber and community. They are involved in community service and civic organizations. They treat every customer that walks in the door with care and
respect and are passionate about serving the Lebanon



Community Service Award Finalist:

Mike Stater (Warren County Small Business Development Center): this year has been record-setting for the Warren Co. SBDC, helping businesses survive through covid. This year, they have have surpassed 2019 totals and 2020 Grant goals, bringing to the Lebanon area a capital infusion of almost $9 million (Ohio Center average is $5.2mm) This is the most of the four southwest Ohio Centers.
2020 Return on Investment of 32 County Alliance Stakeholders @ $253 Economic Impact for each $1 invested in SBDC operations.
74 Clients seen from 45036 are the MOST in Warren Co and is over 16% of the work they do. Mike has been a 3-year volunteer for Main Street Lebanon, serving on our Economic Vitality and Design committee. Director Stater earned 2018 Ohio SBDC State Star as the best in the network!
Center earned SBA Ohio Excellence and Innovation award in 2019- the Best in the state! 2020 Center Production in Top 20% of all Ohio (28) Centers.

Aaron Reid (United Way of Warren County/Warren County Community Services): He not only heads United Way of Warren County, Aaron recently took on the top spot at Warren County Community Services. He continues to innovate the way services are provided to the Warren County community. Aaron continues to collaborate with many in the community, adding value and expertise to each relationship and project. His involvement has definitely added to the quality of life in Lebanon and Warren County.


Greg Davis (Avid Signs Plus & Sleep In Heavenly Peace): Greg gives his time and talents in abundance to the local community. He has been a long time member of the Lebanon Rotary and can be seen at all their community service events donating his time and energy to the community in which he was raised and loves. More recently, Greg started the Warren County chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Their mission is that no child sleeps on the floor in our community. He organizes fundraising, materials and volunteers to build hundreds of beds and provide bedding for local children, some of which have never had a bed before.



Friends of Education Award Finalist:

Girdwood Orthodontics: Girdwood has stepped up to sponsor any sports team, fundraising event, student activity or group not only in 2020 but they have been doing this for years! They even donated water bottles to each student at Bowman Primary this fall when the pandemic hit and students were not allowed to use the water fountains. They are very active within our schools, community and chamber and are a pleasure to work with. Bart and Eileen give generously to the local school community. They provide accommodative services to students that need orthodontic services and have a long list of activities, events, and donations that they give on an ongoing basis to the school system. There is no better friend to our local school district than Girdwood!


Four Paws Animal Hospital: Dr. Rich Coleman at Four Paws Animal Hospital in Lebanon, OH has been an incredible support for our Veterinary Science program. He volunteers his time to guest speak in our classroom, perform surgeries with our students every week, lets our students observe his day-to-day practices at his clinic, and takes care of all of our classroom pets. He has accepted senior students out on early placement and has also hired our students. He has been an inspiration and example of positivity, leadership and compassion for our students. Our students get to assist in real surgeries for hands-on experience that puts them ahead in the job market and for veterinary science college programs. We have honored Four Paws with several awards over the years, including Valued Business Partner and OSBA Business Honor Roll. Dr. Coleman and his staff at Four Paws very much deserve to be recognized by the Lebanon Chamber for their support of education in Lebanon!



Young Professional Award Finalist

Lindsay Mescher (Owner of the Greenhouse Cafe: Lindsay has contributed so much to our town in such a short amount of time. She has opened a fast casual, farm to table fresh dining option downtown in Greenhouse Cafe giving residents and businesses expanded options and enhancing the vibrancy of our Mulberry Plaza. She carries herself in business and around town with the utmost positivity, even when faced with challenges. You will always find her with a smile on her face. When COVID happened, she didn’t shutter, but adapted and
remained opened amidst adversity. She maintained and
supported her employees and fought through the challenge. She also manages to serve the Chamber of Commerce and on the Lebanon Parks Board.

Stephen Johns (Coyne Insurance Company): Stephen is an independent Insurance Agent that truly loves his community. As a young business owner, Stephen's philosopy is simple - "treat our clients as we would want to be treated." This means providing outstanding, personal service along with comprehensive, competitive insurance products. Being an active Lebanon Rotarian and Chamber member, he continues to give back to his community and is always willing to serve wherever he is needed.


Courtney Carrier & Maggie Bremmer (Counselor,Transformative Wellness): Transformative Wellness has grown and become such an amazing asset to our community. Courtney and Maggie both care and thrive for their clients. They are patient and care for each individual member of our community. Their office is so calming to be in! It always smells fantastic! Here's to many more years of being apart of an amazing town!



The Spirit of Lebanon Award Finalist

Amy Brewer (Mayor, City Council Member): There is really no description needed, all you have to do is live, work or play in Lebanon and you will know why Amy Brewer deserves this award. She has always gone above and beyond for her community but in 2020 when the pandemic hit, she kicked it in to overdrive. Helping businesses, community members, churches and the schools. She has been present each and every day and in so many aspects of each group. It's truly unbelievable she can fit it all in every day. I am inspired by her and thankful that we have her to lead Lebanon. Even when she faces criticism, which would defeat most, she continues to put Lebanon first. She continues to show up and take care of what needs to be done. No one cares about Lebanon like Amy and for that we all get to experiene the best Lebanon. As a lifelong resident and a proud member of this community, I love having Amy as a community leader and friend.

Jenny Poling (Countryside YMCA, Executive Director, Youth and Family): Jenny Poling has worked for the Countryside YMCA for over 20 years. Within this organization, she leads a department of unsung heroes, our childcare providers. Under her care and tutelage, Countryside YMCA has become Warren County's largest childcare provider, with most centers having reached Ohio's "Step Up to Quality" 5 star rating. Our youth and family programs care for hundreds upon hundreds of children ages 6 weeks to school-age.  Jenny is a can-do person. She works hard to serve every family possible, even in situations where other childcare providers would not take the time or effort to find accommodations or workarounds for a child or family in need.  Jenny makes things happen. She is a master at "spinning gold out of straw" and seeing opportunity where she can grow programming in order to maximize our impact and serve the children of Warren County.  Jenny's staff are highly devoted to her because she is fair, honest and treats all individuals with respect. Through her work at Countryside, she truly lives our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith. 


Marty Hubbell (Diehl & Hubbell Attorneys, Attorney/Magistrate):  Last year, Marty served as Vice President of the Warren County Community Services Inc while they were going through a very difficult time. Marty put in hundreds of legal hours to save the non-profit money, and put us on firmer legal grounds. The result was the organization saved hundreds of thousands of dollars not only in this situation, but he also handled the legal side of WCCS's purchase of a building in Lebanon - giving WCCS their first home since the 1980 inception of the organization. No one is aware of all of the work he does on behalf of this organization. He did this despite planning a wedding, renovating one of Lebanon's four historic mansions on Columbus Avenue near Glendower "The Gothic," handling magistrate duties for the City of Lebanon, serving as a board member for the Chamber and oh yes, taking care of his clients at Diehl & Hubbell. 



Innovator of the Year Finalist

Market 640: Market 640 has demonstrated tremendous resilience in the face of challenges this year. As a retail operation, they were hit hard with the challenges of a shutdown. They rose to the challenge and flourished in so many ways. They were creative in adapting to offering their retail products and services via social media, online and personal delivery. They showcase and sell products for many other local artisans and vendors. They helped them to continue to sell their wonderful products to the community. Furthermore, they utilized their soap production
facility to receive a grant from the state of Ohio and produce hand sanitizer. They were able to serve local residents, businesses and institutions with their PPE needs and will remain as an emergency manufacturer if ever needed again in the future. Lastly, when a local non-profit was in dire need this year, they stepped in to help. Market 640 cohosted a benefit event for the struggling Lebanon Theatre Company, who was shut down with no resources in the wake of the pandemic. The event helped the Theatre remain alive and battle through this challenging time. Market 640 is active in the community and has shown what true innovation looks like in

Doc's Place: Mike & Patti Jacobs set a true example of what an innovator really looks like. An innovator is "a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products". Throughout the last 6 months, our small businesses and resturants took a HUGE hit with all the State mandates that were forced on them. Mike never gave up, but changed his whole business plan to use the resources that he had available and continue to grow his business. He brought live music to his outdoor dining area, and provided an atmosphere that everyone enjoyed on the weekends. Both he and Patti have worked tirelessly throughout these months to keep their doors open, support/encourage their staff and provide a fun atmosphere for our community. We are thankful for their continuous efforts to keep our community alive.


Neighborhood Bridges-Lebanon: Rebecca Strole & her team brought this amazing concept to our great community when the need was at it's highest. There seems to be no community need too big or too small for this group. They have done some many things for so many families since they have started this organization. In a world that has become so negative and self centered it is nice to see an organization focusing on others and their needs.