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August 18, 2021




Back to School

As youth of all ages head back to school knowing how to role-model and talk to them about alcohol use is critical. In today's newsletter we share information on how to talk to youth about the risks associated with underage drinking, what "Drink Responsibly" means for college students 21 or older, and how we as adults set the example for our kids behavior. 



For individuals and youth under the age of 21, zero is not only the legal limit but the only low risk choice. In their "Answering Tough Questions" resouce SAMHSA states "As your child becomes curious about alcohol and other drugs, he or she may turn to you for answers and advice. Use this opportunity to start an open, honest conversation about drinking and drug use, and to establish or reinforce your rules about alcohol and drug use and outline the behavior you expect. Peer pressure can be powerful among youths, and having a plan to avoid underage drinking and drug use can help children make smart choices. Because some questions can be difficult to answer, it is important to be prepared."

To see their resource on specific questions your child may ask CLICK HERE



Adults and Caregivers Role in Preventing Underage Drinking


Other than the known pressures of peers when it comes to alcohol consumption, we as adults need to stay vigilant and mindful of our own behaviors and what we are role-modeling to our kids. Local pride data shows that as youth near High school graduation; their perception of parental approval in regards to alcohol consumption increases.  Is it a coincidence that their likelihood of alcohol use also increases at this time? Are parents or caregivers really more likely to approve of alcohol use? What misconceptions about alcohol are we passing onto our kids?

While we do not know all of these answers, we do know that sometimes actions speak louder than words and that when youth do see adults consuming alcohol; it should be in a responsible way.

But do most adults know what "Drink Responsibly" really means? And can you role model what you don't know?



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