Member Spot Light: Art & Stone Monument Company

June 23, 2020
Art & Stone's New F14 Monument






Art & Stone Monument Company to Install New F14 Monument at National Naval Aviation Memorial Park - Virginia Beach, VA

Check out the New F14 Monument Video HERE

We love to share exciting news about our members anytime we can!

We wanted to share Art & Stone Monument Company’s huge project that they are completing for the National Naval Aviation Memorial Park in Virginia Beach, VA. This project is scheduled to leave the shop for Virginia Beach this Friday to be installed at their Memorial Park. This breathtaking F14 Monument weighs around 16,500 pounds and is 12 feet tall with a 5x5 foot base. It will be placed with two A6 pillars (that Laser Imaging & Design installed 3 years ago) on the boardwalk at the Naval Aviation Monument Park next week. Be sure to check out the National Naval Aviation Monument Park Website to see additional monuments that were designed by our very own Chamber Member – Art & Stone Monument Company


After the installation of the new F14 Monument, they will also be adding 3 Gold stars for every SEAL – and 3 Gold paw print for every SEAL war dog – killed in the line of duty this past year to the Navy SEAL Monument. To learn more about the Virginia Beach SEAL Monument, check out their website here


Art & Stone Monument Company was formed in 2019 as a division of its parent company to Laser Imaging & Design, Inc. established in 2001. Laser Imaging & Design has partnered with the Association of Naval Aviation for the last 10 years on various projects for the National Naval Aviation Memorial Park and the Navy SEAL Monument.

It’s pretty neat to see one of our very own Chamber Member’s work being displayed in National Memorial Parks!