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Workforce Collaboration Initiative

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Workforce Collaboration Initiative

Jan 18, 2018

-For Immediate Release-

United Way of Warren County (Ohio)

Cunningham Institute for Growth


Contact Information:

Cunningham Institute for Growth (CIG), Mr. Dan Cunningham, 513-849-3959,

United Way of Warren County, Mr. Aaron Reid, 513-932-3987 ext. 101,


January 16, 2018 (Warren County, Ohio)


The Cunningham Institute for Growth (CIG) is awarding a $10,000 Impact Grant, through the Warren County Foundation, to United Way of Warren County for their new Workforce Development Initiative. The objective of the initiative is to build a new pipeline of talented high school students for in-demand jobs at Warren County businesses.  The target audience is juniors and seniors NOT going to the Warren County Career Center or attending college or a technical school full time after graduation and will immediately enter the workforce. Students will be identified by their district through an assessment identifying those not likely to pursue a "straight to college" career pathway. Instruction will be provided by certified teachers and United Way of Warren County’s Director of Workforce Initiatives. Participating companies will supplement the curriculum by providing exposure to job opportunities and pathways through in-class presentations, workplace tours, and/or experiential learning opportunities.


Aaron Reid, President & CEO of United Way of Warren County notes, “Our new partnership with the Cunningham Institute for Growth and the Warren County Foundation will allow for in-depth analysis of the outcome measures and subsequent economic impact of this new and innovative approach to workforce issues so prevalent today. We are literally building a 21st century workforce from scratch to meet the changing needs of our local business community. This isn’t what people typically think of when they hear United Way, but at United Way of Warren County we pride ourselves on not doing things the way they’ve always been done.”


The Cunningham Institute for Growth (CIG) has a national goal to restore long-term 3% growth for ALL Americans. The Institute’s model is two-fold, both a national goal and grassroots initiatives. The national goal is restoring long-term 3% growth for ALL Americans, including setting up the necessary processes to achieve this goal. At the same time grassroots initiatives support the national goal by initiatives customized for specific communities and regions, typically involving collaborations with organizations located in those communities. The purpose of the Impact Grant is to fund and develop a grassroots pilot program with metrics over the next three years to grow and implement a pathway to restore long-term 3% growth for ALL Warren Countians.  A further goal is that the pathway developed by this pilot will provide a laboratory for a beginning impetus for national grassroots efforts. This pilot program is expected to attract national attention to Warren County.


Cunningham Institute for Growth CEO Daniel B. Cunningham states “We are delighted to supply the Impact Grant to begin building a collaborative pilot grassroots effort with United Way of Warren County to restore long-term 3% growth in Warren County. This initiative is designed to complement CIG’s work to establish a national goal and process to obtain 3% growth for ALL Americans. We expect national attention following the collaboration’s work.”

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