Downtown Parking Meters

November 5, 2020

Downtown Parking Meter Plan

Program Goal:

Ensure that metered Downtown parking spaces are accessible to the public in front of all businesses, and support the City recouping a portion of expenses associated with Downtown infrastructure maintenance and improvements. Vehicle turnover at parking meters is important to ensure equitable access to parking spaces in front of our Downtown businesses.

Program Details:

Beginning in November, the City will issue parking meter violation “warning” tickets to vehicles parked at expired meters. This approach is intended to provide a smooth transition from the current practice of not enforcing the parking meters, to a more consistent effort of parking meter enforcement. Enforcement will occur consistently during times when meters are active. The City will bag the meters for the Holidays as it has in the past.

Parking in any of the City-owned parking lots will continue to be free and the City is not doing parking time-limit enforcement in the lots at this time.

In January, the City will issue parking meter tickets to vehicles parked at expired meters. The ticket fee is currently $5.00, but will be increased to reflect typical parking meter violation fees in the area.

Communication Plan:

This information flyer is the first step in communicating these changes. The City will also provide information on our website and social media promoting the free parking in the City-owned parking lots, and communicating that parking meters will be enforced. This will include a map showing the City-owned parking lots, which we will distribute to the downtown businesses. We are asking for your assistance in communicating this program to your customers as well.

If anyone has questions about this plan, they can contact Police Chief Mitchell at 228-3300 or , or City Manager Scott Brunka at 228-3102 or

Downtown Free Public Parking Lot Map


Downtown Public Parking Lot
Downtown Public Parking Lot