22three Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

October 22, 2012
22three Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Congratulations 22three!!

22three, Inc., is a firearms outfitter that is warm and welcoming, accessible and safe. First-time and experienced shooters know they can trust the people running the place and that they are treated well.

It’s owned and operated by Jeff & Wendy Monroe. Jeff is both a seasoned researcher in the social sciences and a staunch advocate of firearms and the individual right to keep them. 22three has its origin in a simple piece of advice from Jeff’s grandfather.  "Don't get too smart." Jeff earned his Ph.D. from Temple University and became a professor and expert in gun control policy and homicide rates.  Wendy enjoys helping new shooters understand firearms and recently became an NRA-certified basic pistol instructor. Having dealt with the effects of serious injuries for more than a decade, Wendy understands the challenges of choosing or using a firearm for those with pain or weakness from injury, illness or age

At 22three, they believe in doing the right thing in every circumstance. They provide proven products, great service and the best possible value. They believe doing the right thing includes giving to those in need. At least 10 percent of 22three's profits are donated to charity. Right now, corporate donations are directed to help India Gospel League, building life centers for impoverished villages; the YMCA Caring for Families campaign to provide families in need to the incredible programs available through the YMCA; and Heart of the Outdoors ministry taking their passion for the outdoors to a whole new level. Every time you purchase a firearm or accessory from 22three, a minimum of 10 percent of the profits directly help others.

So, what about the name 22three? As a gun policy researcher, Jeff knows that firearms provide the most effective means of self-defense. In the end, though, firearms are just a tool and ultimate protection and security come from someone much greater than us. The name 22three, based on 2 Samuel 22:3, reminds us of this point.

22three is located a 2 S Broadway in Lebanon.  They can be reached at 513-228-0656 or  Visit the on the web at