Meet the Candidates Virtual Forum

Oct 6, 2021
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Meet the Candidates
Meet the Candidates



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  • The Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to present:

    "Meet the Candidates" Virtual Forum


    The Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce is moving its traditional “Meet the Candidates” Event to a virtual format this year in response to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The one-time virtual event will be held on Wednesday, October 6th starting at 5:30pm, and the community will be able to follow along via livestream.

    Our Meet the Candidates Forum provides the community with the opportunity to hear from each of the candidates vying to serve on the Lebanon City School Board and the Lebanon City Council. Each candidate will be given a few minutes to speak, and community members will also be able to submit questions to candidates. This is an excellent opportunity for you to understand each of the candidate’s platforms and how they would move our city forward if elected.

    The Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce, a nonpartisan organization, has been dedicated to encouraging and promoting a stronger community for many years. In sponsoring Meet the Candidates Night, it adheres to strict guidelines to assure a fair and impartial opportunity for all candidates to present their views.

    Meet the School Board Candidates: 5:30pm-7pm

    Meet the City Council Candidates: 7:30pm-9:30pm

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    Meet Your Candidates Here

    Listed below are the Candidates running for open seats on the Lebanon City Schools Board (2 seats) & the Lebanon City Council (4 seats).


    Lebanon City School Board: 

    Michael E. Gliatti:

    When I think about the journey that ultimately led me to the decision to run for school board, it began with the reflection of the lessons I learned from the smartest man I’ve ever known, my Dad.  Unfortunately, when we lost him last March at the age of 85, I didn’t just lose my Dad, I lost my best friend.  My Dad was a first generation American who earned degrees in physics and electrical engineering.  The greatest legacy he left behind are the values that ultimately convinced me that now is the time for me to lead and serve our schools.

    Through his example he taught me three key values: empathy, accountability, and credibility. He believed you should not just live in a community but be an active part of it and help it thrive.  As a father of two children in the Lebanon School District, I understand a “day in the life” in their classrooms and I want to see more opportunity for all our students.  My dad also taught me that education was the ticket for children to live a life beyond even their own dreams.  I commit to helping ensure a quality education is provided for our students. 

    I believe being accountable for your actions is just as important as a board member, Dad, husband, neighbor, business owner and as a leader in the community.  

    My dad believed credibility was something you earned over time by consistently showing up and helping others solve problems.  I’ve been doing that as a small business owner in our community for the past 15 years. I promise to consider all opinions and weigh thoughtfully on decisions that will impact the Lebanon City Schools.

    My family and I love living in this community…and we love Lebanon schools.  I believe the time is right for me to bring a new perspective to the board through empathy, accountability, and credibility.  We’ve lived through one of the most unprecedented school years in any of our lifetimes and the future does belong to the children…our job is to lead them into a future that allows them to have the same opportunities we’ve had. 

    There are hard decisions ahead that will determine that future and I will be the advocate you and your children deserve every step of the way. 

    I would be honored to carry my father’s values and legacy into this position when you vote for me on November 2nd.  #WarriorsForGliatti  




    Jennifer Daulton:




    Roy MacCutcheon: 

    Hello Warrior Family, I am a 1983 Graduate of Lebanon High School and a 1988 Graduate of The Ohio State University. My son also attended Lebanon City Schools and graduated in 2009. I am also the owner of The Black Barn, which I purchased in 1994. It is my firmly held belief that a community is only as good as the schools they serve, and likewise, good schools make great communities. I have the business experience, history of community service, and tenacity to serve in this important position. More importantly, I will listen to the concerns and ideas of the residents and advocate for a strong Lebanon school system.

    Roy's Facebook Campaign Page



    Breighton Smith:

    YES-Education...NOT Indoctrination YES-Parental & Family Rights YES-Financial Accountability NO-Special Interests NO-Common Core NO-Critical Race Theory My name is Breighton Smith, and I’m a Christian, a husband, a proud son of immigrants, a Juris Doctor, a small business owner, and I’ve been a Conservative Republican grassroots advocate here in Lebanon for half a decade. In 2016, I had the honor of being the Donald Trump campaign staffer in charge of Warren County, working out of the Republican Party headquarters here in downtown Lebanon. Through my interactions with thousands of Lebanon residents over the course of that campaign and beyond, I’ve fostered a deep love and appreciation for our community. The truth is that my wife and I are passionate about our city and it’s people. And, as we look forward and hope to build our family, I have a vested interest in making sure that our school district is thriving...from pre-school to K-12, from athletics to theater...I want our schools to provide an excellent educational opportunity for every student, from start to finish. I believe every Lebanon taxpayer, who is investing their hard-earned tax dollars into our public schools, should have a voice and an interest in the success of our school district. And to make all of that happen, I believe our schools should reflect the greatness of our community. In these unprecedented times, our schools face many new challenges, but I believe our community’s strong traditional values will give us the solid foundation to come together and find creative and innovative solutions that bring success for our students, our families, and our futures.



    Jennifer Daulton:





    Matthew Woehrmyer:



    Michael Markey:





    Lebanon City Council:


    Michael Cope:

    I love Lebanon and think it is the best city in Ohio! I am a proud American that thinks our differences should be celebrated and not used to divide us. A Republican and Christian Conservative, appointed to city council in June 2021 and now running for reelection. I am Pro-liberty, Pro-family, Pro-life. Second Amendment originalist which means citizens can carry fire arms. I am a fiscal & social conservative, a constitutionalist & small government advocate,,, and new to politics.I have lived near Lebanon for 20 years and a resident for 13 years. Blessed to be married to my beautiful wife, Kim, for nearly 27 years. Also a proud father of four wonderful children (and now a son-in-law) who have been raised and schooled in Lebanon.



    Brian Hawley:

    My name is Brian Hawley and I’m a candidate for Lebanon City Council. I’ve spent the majority of my thirty-nine years in Lebanon, including graduating in the Class of 2001. I then went to Eastern Kentucky University where I earned a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. During my college breaks, I worked for the City of Lebanon in the Public Works Department (maintaining the parks and cemeteries at that time). My father retired from the Lebanon Police Department and my brother-in-law worked for the Lebanon Fire Department. My sister also just so happens to be a teacher at Lebanon City Schools. I’ve taken great pride in my hometown since the first time I put on a Lebanon Warrior jersey as a young kid. I’ve grown up enjoying our local shops and restaurants and now I’m proud to watch my niece get joy out of those same places. Most importantly, I’ve enjoyed getting to know and build relationships with some amazing people who call Lebanon home. I currently volunteer as a Wrestling Coach for Lebanon Warrior Youth Wrestling. I enjoy teaching the sport I love to the younger generation while also making sure they have fun in the process. I also enjoy playing softball with a group of special needs adults in the summer. I look forward to working with local business owners to make sure City Council is listening to their ideas and concerns, while doing everything we can to promote them. I will strive to help Lebanon grow into a place that’s inviting and welcoming to all. As Lebanon grows, I believe we need to make sure our public service departments are growing with the population and additional business traffic. I know the fire department recently had to temporarily shut down one of their stations due to manpower issues and the police department is relying on mutual-aid to assist on a lot of calls. The safety of the community should always be in the mind of city leadership. I’ve spoken to many people concerned with different traffic projects throughout the city and many others with ideas for parks. I look forward to listening to the business owners and citizens while letting that feedback guide where council’s attention needs to be spent. I believe in fiscally responsible decision making to guide future planning. I pledge to keep my personal beliefs from interfering with my decision making for the City of Lebanon.



    Brad Lamoreaux:

    Small Business owner (22 years), 2nd Amendment advocate, Warren co. Central Committee member, Small Government Christian Conservative



    Alecia Lipton:

    As an already active member of the Lebanon community, Alecia Lipton promises to be the ENGAGED, INFORMED, and STRATEGIC leader that Lebanon needs to recover from nearly two years months of pandemic-related fatigue, loss of business, and a rogue council. Lipton is running for Lebanon City Council on a platform of change upheld by three pillars: EQUALITY, GOVERNANCE, and PRESERVATION. The first pillar is EQUALITY. A firm believer in the idea that all citizens deserve the same rights and opportunities. Lipton pledges to push for the creation of a Human Rights Commission within City Council, and will work to ensure that all Lebanon residents have a voice, are treated equally, and are made to feel welcome in our City. The first step to resolving an issue is acknowledging that we have one, and Lipton understands the importance of recognizing where Lebanon, as a community, falls short to identify areas to improve. Lipton stands by those who have felt ignored, scared, discriminated against, and victimized. Therefore, the development of the Human Rights Commission will be one of the first changes to take place. The second pillar is GOVERNANCE. Lipton acknowledges the concern that our current council has gone rogue, engaging in behaviors that do not support the best interests of the City. She supports the fact that local city government has distinct guidelines in what they can and cannot do. Lipton vows to keep personal interests out of city decisions and will not use the position as a stepping stone for future personal or political gains. Lipton will work to keep the council accountable to citizens by following the guidelines set forth for such council. The third pillar is PRESERVATION. Lipton looks forward to working alongside citizens, local businesses, the City, and the State of Ohio to help preserve and promote our unique downtown area and the community as a whole. Lebanon is home to over 20,000 citizens, all of which benefit when individuals visit and spend money in our downtown shops, restaurants, and local attractions. Lipton believes that Preservation will make Lebanon a destination City for visitors and families looking for a place to call home. Lipton and her husband, Mark have lived in Lebanon since 2015 (Lipton also called Lebanon home from 1996 – 2006). She is a graduate of Morehead State University, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati. She has served as the Director of Public Relations at Hoxworth Blood Center since 2008 and worked with Main Street Lebanon for the first eight months of 2021. Alecia and Mark have 7 grown children that now live on their own in the Cincinnati area. They share their home with their two dogs, Shunie & Charlie.



    Scott Norris:

    Christian, Conservative, Lebanon resident for 45 years. Strong family man with two daughters and wife Teri. Small business owner in Lebanon as general contractor and property manager. Previously worked for 31 years as a Licensed Therapist with Warren Co. Mental Health and Los Angeles Children's Services. Supports local business and organizations and desires to clear hurdles that have, or could discourage growth. Believes in safe and clean communities and would Like to see a raised standard of accountability for landlords and rentals that can blight a street. Believes in supporting services and activities that have And continue to make Lebanon a destination to stay, live and enjoy. Respects our community, our country and our citizens.



    Matt Sellers:

    My name is Matt Sellers and I have been an official resident of Lebanon since 2013, but have called this great city home my entire life –having grown up just outside the city limits. In fact, I have close to fifty immediate and extended family members that still call Lebanon home. I also own a new ecommerce firearm business, located within the city limits.
    I write this as my formal Lebanon City Council campaign statement – so allow me explain why I am running; I believe the office of City Council is one of the most important offices an individual can hold in this land when change or preservation is crucial. The Founders framed this country with a bottom-up governmental structure, and not a top-down structure as most people in government would like ‘We the People’ to believe. Man was created to serve in the following order; God, Family, Local, State and lastly the Union - and the Constitution was written as such by its framers, including George Washington, who was quite adamant about quality representative government and thus every local decision is vital and what happens in the capitol city is mostly constitutionally irrelevant. Our political energy must begin with what directly impacts our family and neighbors. In short, we must think locally, and act locally to preserve the traditional American principles that established this country.
    Allow me to touch briefly on myself; I am a child of God and an American patriot. To clarify; a true American patriot never demands obedience to the state but rather obedience to the principles of liberty. I am married to an amazing and beautiful woman (Tania), and God has blessed us with a strong spirited son (Mateo, 3) - and to say my entire extended family is my life support is an understatement. I am a Constitutional palo-conservative and an American Traditionalist. I believe in the United States Constitution as ratified, the sovereignty of each State within this Union and the American cornerstone principles of self-determination and the decentralization of our federal government – as all of the powers the government holds arrive through the consent of the governed and the impossible notion that government can guarantee freedom from want and fear destroys the concept of liberty. I stand firmly for a balanced budget with earmark appropriations as it is no secret that our country is facing a financial crisis of epic proportions and if we wish to save her from this catastrophe, we must start locally. I am also a staunch second amendment supporter and a pro-life fighter – because if all life is not precious, how can all liberty be held up as important? And only liberty can truly ward off tyranny, the great eternal foe of mankind.
    If there is any question on how I will make any decision if selected by the people, I can clarify – my political platform is summarized best within the text of six documents/books; The Bible, The United States Constitution, The Ohio State Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions – This is how the Founding Fathers of this federal republic envisioned this country to be governed and it is only because we have ignored their wisdom and turned our back on our Lord and Creator, that we face the repercussions of an overpowerful and secular tyrant, called our federal government.
    Finally, I would like to close by saying; the direction that our country is heading with the excessive expansion of federal power and secular principles of humanism may seem quite troubling. However, we must act by our State motto, Matthew 19:26 “With God, all things are possible.”
    Through unity is strength, and through strength is victory…. 



    Bri Marcum:



    Leslie A. Nahigyan:



    James Norris: