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US Bank - Elavon: Business Partner Referral Program

Feb 15, 2021
2:00 pm
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Why Elavon?

§Merchant processing industry experience since 1991

üControl 100% of the process from sales to customer service

§Elavon – wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp

ü4th largest processor in the nation / volume

ü#1 in terms of locations – over 1,000,000

üTop 10 global processor

üProcessing in 30 countries

üProcess more than $200 billion volume in Visa/MC transactions

üServe over 1,500 bank clients through more than 15,000 branches

üExperienced in certifying Value Added Resellers (VARs)

§Dedicated and experienced merchant sales personnel

§Quality customer service (1-800-725-1243 /

§Experienced in winning and managing large regional and national accounts

§Endorsed by more than 200 Business Partners / Affinity Groups / Associations


Benefits to Partner

Satisfies Needs of Referral Partner & Membership

  • Partner with well-established, trusted industry leader (U.S. Bank / Elavon understands the Association / Referral Partner industry)
  • Competitive pricing for membership
  • Source of non-dues income (Revenue Share / Royalty / Referral Fee)
  • Strengthens banking relationship with U.S. Bank
  • Offer increased cash flow to members (deposit / process with U.S. Bank)
  • Consultative sales approach (identify & meet business needs of membership)
  • Offer variety of payment options, products & solutions (large to small members)
  • Responsive (Team provides support, marketing, reporting, service escalation)

Supports Key Business Objectives

Providing a valued benefit to membership

Offer services that either save money or make more efficient