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Rain Barrel Beautification Project

May 8, 2021 - May 22, 2021
11:00 am
Chamber Events, Member & Community Events
Art Project for All
Art Project for All

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If possible, volunteers are asked to wear pink shirts

For questions, email Bekah at

This beautification project will bring people into the downtown area as well as foster community involvement. All children are welcome to participate in the painting of the rain barrels, giving each child a sense of pride, success, and ownership of not only a beautifully displayed piece of art they assisted in creating, but also as young advocates for the downtown Lebanon area and the environment. The rain barrels will contain the A Brush of Hope logo raising awareness of a youth resource located in downtown Lebanon. 

The rain barrels will be placed in downtown Lebanon during all events on the four corners of Mulberry and Broadway. The designs will be artistically appealing, drawing attention to their locations. By adding more trash receptacles this will help reduce the amount of litter being tossed on the ground, contributing to waste reduction. 

The Rain Barrel Beautification Project is a short-term project with lasting benefits to our community. It will unite our community in a common activity, helping children get involved in our community and our environment as well as becoming essential contributors to the project. The rain barrels will raise awareness of A Brush of Hope, a youth resource located in downtown Lebanon. An organization that has been serving children through art since 2013. The rain barrels will be aesthetically pleasing as an addition to the beautification efforts in downtown Lebanon.