Warriors As Creators - An Art Exhibit by Employees of Lebanon City Schools

January 17, 2018
CONTACT: Rochelle Collins 312.636.6244 rochellecollins3@gmail.com
The Arts Council of Lebanon, Ohio is proud to present:
Warriors As Creators:
An Art Exhibition by Employees of Lebanon City Schools
Lebanon City Schools is well known for its stellar academics, strong sports program,
and comprehensive art, music, and theatre offerings. Behind these endeavors are
teachers, principals, secretaries, librarians, aides, and many others, including a
superintendent, who are not as recognized for all the opportunities they provide
students on a daily basis.
The Arts Council of Lebanon, Ohio has curated an exhibit to acknowledge the creative
talents of these behind-the-scenes heroes. Titled ‘Warriors As Creators’, the exhibit
showcases the varied artistic talents of Lebanon City School employees. While all are
Lebanon Warriors by their employment, these warriors often subsume their own talents
to allow the talents of Lebanon’s students to shine. The over-thirty employees who have
submitted their art for the exhibit demonstrate varied creative interests. It speaks to a
school system that is teeming with creativity.
Opening reception for Warriors As Creators is Friday, January 19 from 6pm to 9pm at
The Arts Council of Lebanon’s new location, 117 East Mulberry. The exhibit runs until
February 17, 2018 - from 12pm until 4pm, Saturdays or by appointment. More
information can be found by calling 312.636.6422.
***Interviews both print and televised are welcome.

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