About Us

Mike G

Meet Our Board President:

Mike Gliatti knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a very young age.  He was cutting grass, shoveling snow, and doing odd jobs by age 12.  At age 14 he bought his first of 4 newspaper routes, topping out at servicing 120 homes BEFORE school for the Dayton Journal Herald.  He worked his way through college as an Resident Advisor and Driver, graduating in 1993 from Ohio State University.  Mike then began his operations management career at New Mexico State University, and continued working at Cintas, Continental Plastic Containers, Lucas Sumitomo (now Advics), and finally as a Manager then Director for nearly 10 years at Merck-Medco. 

In 2007, Mike took his hobby of flying hot air balloons and created a business, Bella Balloons LLC.  The company started modestly with 1 small passenger balloon.  In 2008, Bella Balloons won its first multi-year corporate advertising account and built a branding balloon for its new client.  The advertising and ride business expanded to 5 balloons, and peaked at over 250 flight operations annually.  Bella Balloons still operates today.

In 2012, Mike discovered an opportunity to purchase Express Delivery Services, Inc, a logistics company in Lebanon which was operating 11 tractor-trailers.  He added staffing, and created Ship Express Delivery LLC, a third party logistics brokerage to assist the asset-based fleet.  Express has since grown to 25 company employees and 5 contractors, and in 2016 bought its terminal/warehouse/shop and created Ohio Warehouse Solutions LLC, a commercial storage and cross-docking facility.

Mike is married nearly 20 years and has 2 children 9 and 13 in the Lebanon School system.  Millie, the office dog, is constantly seen with him in the car and elsewhere.

“Lebanon is a fantastic community of wonderful people and businesses.  It is truly unique, and positioned for positive growth and improvement for decades to come.”