Warren County Safety Council


More than 6,000 Ohio employers will save millions of dollars on their workers’ compensation premiums. And you can join them.

Get a 2-percent rebate on your premiums by becoming an active member of one of 80 Diivision of Safety & Hygiene sponsored safety councils. Reduce either the severity or frequency of injuries by 10 percent, or keep both at zero, and you will earn an additional 2-percent performance rebate.

To qualify for the discount, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Join your local safety council by July 31, 2014;
  2. Attend 10 safety council meetings or BWC sponsored events;
  3. Send a qualified senior-level manager to a safety council sponsored meeting;
  4. Submit semiannual workplace accident reports for the 2014 calendar year.

Meeting Schedule

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OHIO BWC New Employer Orientation Seminar

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OHIO BWC Safety Classes (Dayton Office)

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